Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bush denies Superstate rumors

Get a clue.

As soon as a politician "denies rumors" you know that the rumor is true and is going to happen.

Here President Bush, along with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper (center) and Mexican President Felipe Calderon yesterday in Montebello, Quebec, denied they were planning a regional alliance similar to the European Union. Mr. Bush described rumors of a North American Union as "political scare tactics."

So get ready for the North American Union:
SPP website was up long ago
NAFTA superhighway is already underway
We need the labor, land, resources
The Bush-Clinton dynasty is cutting the deal
The Amero - the new North American Currency video

All the old white guys who would object will soon have Alzheimer's disease and will forget why they cared....

And PS, we don't think it's such a bad thing....