Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mayor apologizes for sending nude photos on email

Who's Apologizing Now?
That would be dopey Mayor Mike Vestal, who likes those pics of nude women a little too much. What public official doesn't get it that today you just don't send anything electronically that you wouldn't want your MOM to see? Your digital DNA is all over the place....

The mayor of Tonganoxie is apologizing after admitting he sent a pornographic e-mail from his computer.
And he says if those who voted him into office want him to resign over this, he will. Mike Vestal forwarded an e-mail to a list of undisclosed recipients, including a 6 News Reporter.

The message shows a topless woman and reads: "Next Monday is national female breast appreciation day. Beats the "expletive" out of Martin Luther King day, doesn't it?"..."I hope the citizens understand it was a mistake," Mayor Mike Vestal said. "An honest mistake. And I'm very sorry. And I'm very upset. I'm very embarrassed for myself. I don't want to portray that as the mayor of the city of Tonganoxie and if the citizens want me to resign, they need to let me know and I will resign if they want me to."