Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sex obsessed US Attorney with 5 year old

Get a clue.

Folks, there's a reason Viagra and Cialis are MULTI BILLION DOLLAR drug franchises....old white guys can't get it up and become very sad. So sad, in fact, they need 5 year old sex partners. That's right, Pervert J.D. Roy Atchison, the federal prosecutor, shows up at an airport with
with a Dora the Explorer doll, hoop earrings and petroleum jelly. To have sex with a 5 year old. First off, what a dope, if he didn't even know he was being set up in a sting. What 5 year old is on his myspace page? YUCK-O. He's on suicide watch.

Clad in a long-sleeve white T-shirt, thin-rimmed glasses and wearing ankle chains, Atchison waived his detention hearing today and stood mute as he heard three charges that could put him in prison for life.A not guilty plea was entered on his behalf.

Atchison, 53, was arrested Sunday after getting off an airplane in Detroit. Since Aug. 29, he’d been having almost daily online chats with an undercover officer posing as a mother interested in offering her fictitious 5-year-old daughter for sex, law officers said.

A page that a criminal complaint identified as belonging to Atchison says he enjoyed spoiling young girls. Under the user name fldaddy04 and captioned “Experienced, understanding Daddy,” Atchison allegedly described himself in his profile as: “Handsome, educated, professional, experienced Daddy. I love younger girls. Like everything about you ... how you think, talk, act. I’m very understanding and supportive ... never ever judgmental.” The Internet profile goes on to say that he would like to “pamper, spoil, change and take care of” girls. His general interests are listed as “surfing, diving, boating ... everything to do with the water ... music and cute girls.”