Thursday, September 13, 2007

VICTORY! Permanent Presence in Iraq - Bush tonite

What is victory for Bush in Iraq? PERMANENT MILITARY BASES, ENDLESS OIL OIL, BIGGEST EMBASSY. Duh. Tonite he will announce we are in Iraq FOREVER. This is what he's selling on TV tonite.

Remember, GW's in Iraq for the oil, oil, oil, stupid, stupid, stupid. That means that, yes, there will be permanent military bases in Iraq, and yes, there will be commercialization of Iraqi national oil fields...which, btw, are making progress on both fronts, so GW must be pretty happy. Who gives a rat's as$ about poll he said today...."I'm not running."

Berger, Divine, and Yaeger's site was down because of this faux pas. Here's a link to the images from Norwegainity. Whatever. The scandal here is that this fortress, er, embassy - the largest US embassy in the WORLD- is all about protecting the oil interests of the US based multinational oil companies, and the Bush, Cheney, Rice cabal. Is this a bad thing? Not if you're in the oil business. Or a contractor.