Saturday, October 13, 2007

Countdown: Parents Of Shawn Hornbeck Want Bill O’Reilly To Apologize To Their Son

Direct from C&L:

As you may remember, John Amato was out in front of this story, calling out Bill O’Reilly for his despicable statements about teenager Shawn Hornbeck, who had been kidnapped and molested for years. Shawn’s abductor was sentenced to life in prison this past Monday, and on Countdown, Keith Olbermann spoke to Shawn’s parents, Pam and Craig Akers, about Shawn’s life since being rescued and their thoughts on Bill O’Reilly’s statement that Shawn enjoyed his time in captivity.

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The Akers tell Keith that Shawn is doing very well and that they have set up The Shawn Hornbeck Foundation which is dedicated to the prevention of the abduction of children and the search for and rescue of lost, missing or abducted children. As BillO is hawking his new book for children, the Akers graciously tell Keith he owes their son an apology — in much nicer terms than I would have used:

Olbermann: “…Let me ask you, both of you, have either of you or has Shawn received any kind apology from Bill O’Reilly or from anybody else who took this stance?”

Craig Akers: “No, we haven’t heard anything and Pam and I really don’t care about an apology for us, it’s not about us. We could care less one way or the other. It’s really Shawn that was hurt and Shawn is the one who deserves the apology.”