Friday, October 5, 2007

Desperate Housewives must apologize to 53,000 Filipino MDs

Who's apologizing to 53,000 doctors now?

That would be ABC, producer of the so-over-it Desperate Housewives show. Bet they're trying to find the dumbo writer to blame for this one...

In Sunday's US episode, Susan, played by Teri Hatcher, went for a check-up and was shocked when the doctor said she may be going through menopause. She asked to see his diplomas, "just to make sure they aren't from some school in the Philippines". The apology came after the country's health minister said he would complain. Nearly 53,000 names have been attached to an online petition calling for an apology.

"A statement that devalues Filipinos in healthcare is extremely unfounded, considering the overwhelming presence of Filipinos and Filipino Americans in the medical field," the petition read. Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said he would write to the producers, noting the country's "vehement protest".

"The producers of Desperate Housewives and ABC Studios offer our sincere apologies for any offence caused by the brief reference in the season premiere," the broadcaster said in a statement. "There was no intent to disparage the integrity of any aspect of the medical community in the Philippines. "As leaders in broadcast diversity, we are committed to presenting sensitive and respectful images of all communities featured in our programmes."