Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Girlfriend cashed $100K check for cheating

Who's sorry now?

Greg Calvino, 45, for reneging on a pledge he had made to not "use drugs, stay out late, frequent strippers or prostitutes. What a dope (literally). His girlfriend, Elisa Kwon, cashed the check he used to "promise" her his faithfulness, blah blah. Now he wants his $$ back with interest. Dream on, doper!

The 30-something Kwon insists Calvino had vowed that if he ever did any of those things again, she could cash a $100,000 check he had made out to her. After Calvino's allegedly debauched boys' night out at a strip club in March 2005, that's just what Kwon did.

But a fuming Calvino filed suit in Manhattan Supreme Court in late July to get his money back - plus interest, legal fees and damages - claiming the whole thing is an extortion attempt.