Monday, October 8, 2007

Neocon Artists are brainwashing Giuliani the drag queen with video

Get a clue!

The neoconartists are at it that empty-headed Bush is on auto pilot for the remainder of his term, and it doesn't look like we're invading Iran anytime soon, the bloodsuckers need a new victim - and Rudy's it! Watch for tons of hate mongering to begin ooozing from this cross-dresser - and a major contempt for anything resembling the religious right. The only thing they're useful for is their desire to bring the end of days on by human events, not by God's hand. These losers do NOT have America's best interest in mind. Buyer beware!

Oct. 15, 2007 issue - Neocons can't help but slink around Washington, D.C. The Iraq War has given the neoconservatives—who favor the assertive use of American power abroad to spread American values—something of a bad name, and several of the Republican candidates seem less than eager to hire them as advisers. But Rudy Giuliani apparently never got that memo. One of the top foreign-policy consultants to the leading GOP candidate is Norman Podhoretz, a founding father of the neocon movement....
Among the core consultants surrounding Giuliani: Martin Kramer, who has led an attack on U.S. Middle Eastern scholars since 9/11 for being soft on terrorism; Stephen Rosen, a hawkish professor at Harvard who advocates major new spending on defense and is close to prominent neoconservative Bill Kristol; former Wisconsin senator Bob Kasten, who often sided with the neocons during the Reagan era and was an untiring supporter of aid to Israel, and Daniel Pipes, who has advocated for the racial profiling of Muslim Americans. (He's argued that the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II was not the moral offense it's been portrayed as, though he doesn't say Muslims should suffer the same.)