Sunday, October 7, 2007

Time Warner's Apology is Wimpy; Brecht BMW Doesn't Even Bother to Apologize...

Bad Apologies from The Consumerist

Time Warner Offers $30 Credit To Apologize for Hammering Through Wall, Drilling Through Floor
Time Warner installation tech searching for a cable line hammered several holes in reader Christos' wall, and then drilled a few more in his floor. When the random destruction failed to produce the wire, the tech crept downstairs and split Christos' neighbor's line. Now Christos can only watch the channel selected on his neighbor's cable box.

Christos called Time Warner to complain. Time Warner understood that Christos didn't want holes in his wall and floor, or borrowed cable. To apologize, they offered a $30 credit and "a few movie coupons."

Brecht BMW Tells Customer "Go Back to Volkswagon, You Don't Deserve to Own A BMW"
Poor Raquel. She only wanted to return her leased BMW. Following instructions to bring her car to
authorized dealership, she arrived at Brecht BMW in San Diego. Brecht's manager refused to accept the car, a decision he conveyed by screaming in front of her kids, threatening to call the police, and telling her to "go back to Volkswagon" because she didn't "deserve to own a BMW."