Saturday, November 24, 2007

Oral sex over at Oral Roberts U?

Who knows? All we know is that the religious right continues to collapse under it's own weight...and the latest is the resignation of smarmy Oral U Prez Richard Roberts. Turns out those on a pedestal are merely human and apparently the lure hot sex and millions might prove it out once again.

Ricky Roberts couldn't keep his hand out of the cookie jar and his wife couldn't keep her hand out of hot young dude's pants. So goes the scandal that could have biblical consequences. We're just sorry for all the dopes who've followed these hypocrites over the years...they must cringe when they think of all the money they've plunked down in those offering dishes going into Ricky Robert's pockets!

Roberts, facing accusations in the lawsuit that he misspent school funds to support a lavish lifestyle, resigned Friday. "Those who have seen what we have seen won't have any surprise about the fact that Richard has stepped down," said attorney Gary Richardson, who brought a wrongful termination lawsuit against Roberts last month on behalf of three of the university's professors. "There was no option, period."