Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cops bust realtor in Miami for sex cyberstalking

Just another example of how the mortgage meltdown is having a longterm affect on us all? Or another example of stupid criminal tricks?

So this idiot Isenberg, puts ads out sex ads using his rival's phone number on Craigslist and other sites - what a nightmare for her.
But stupid criminals are stupid. The detective found the IP address in the of the oldest detective tricks in the book.

Isenberg and Blasberg were former co-workers. According to a police report, Isenberg was upset that she had closed on a property he had been trying to sell....The ads promised that she would make ''you go home with a smile'' for the right price.

Blasberg hired attorney Leah Mayersohn and private investigator Robert Crispin, who worked with Craigslist to take the ads down -- though they kept reappearing. The ads had been completed using a Yahoo e-mail created in Blasberg's name.

Crispin quickly narrowed suspects to Isenberg. He began covertly digging through Isenberg's trash, usually about 4 a.m. The key evidence, Crispin said, was a calender page with an IP address that matched one used to create the Yahoo account. ''It's really worked out perfect. . . . It's the oldest trick in the book,'' Crispin, a former Coconut Creek detective, said of the trash digs. Miami-Dade Detective John Jones, of the Intracoastal station, also began investigating.

Nine of the 26 ads came back to an IP address that belonged to Isenberg. Investigators believe the rest of the ads had been done by laptop, accessing other people's wireless Internet service. In June, Jones raided Isenberg's North Miami-Dade house, carting away computers. ''There is always a little bit of a trail. A little crumb and we were able to follow it back enough to get search warrants,'' Jones said.