Friday, March 24, 2006

2nd Most Favorite Gangsta - Pellicano

Who's Sorry Now?

Just because it's frivolous Hollywood, don't think it's nice nice here. These guys write the movies about gangsters and are happy to act them out. (Brad Grey / Sopranos here) .Ok, this one is as weird and convoluted as Abramoff...just focuses on Hollywood power players instead of political power players. No dead bodies...yet (unlike SunCruz) but we're waiting. They say that what doesn't come out in the wash will come out in the rinse.

From Defamer / NYT / gossip:
1. Brad GreyÂ’s position looks increasingly untenable. ThereÂ’s another front page story in the New York Times today linking him with Anthony Pellicano and, at this rate, itÂ’s not a question of if he goes, but when.
2. The Board of Paramount will want to move the story on as soon as they give Grey his marching orders and what better way to do that than to choose someone completely unexpected to succeed him? In Hollywood, GraydonÂ’s appointment will be almost as big a talking point as Brad GreyÂ’s dismissal.
3. There have been plenty of prevrumorsmours about GraydonÂ’s imminent departure, but theyÂ’ve lacked plausibility because, after all, why would he voluntarily give up such a great job? That isnÂ’t a factor here because being head of Paramount is self-evidently a better job than editing Vanity Fair.
4. Okay, Graydon has no experience of running a Hollywood studio, but, then, neither did Brad Grey. Admittedly, that may be an argument for replacing Grey with an industry veteran--“a safe pair of hands”--but maybe not. Graydon has a good relationship with “the talent” and he knows a thing or two about packaging.
April FoolÂ’s Day is still one week away.