Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ben Apologizes

Here it is, folks. Ben finally does the right thing and apologizes. (rs here). PS to the Washington Post: What up with your due diligence? You couldn't surface the problem ahead of time? Is this indicitive of your investigative journalism skills? The ball's now in your court - clean up your act.

"I want to apologize to National Review Online, my friends and colleagues here at RedState, and to any others that have been affected over the past few days. I also want to apologize to my previous editors and writers whose work I used inappropriately and without attribution. There is no excuse for this - nor is there an excuse for any obfuscation in my earlier statement.

I hope that nothing I’ve done as a teenager or in my professional life will reflect badly on the movement and principles I believe in.

I’m deeply grateful for the love and encouragment of all those around me. And although I may not deserve such support, it makes it that much more humbling at a time like this. I’m a young man, and I hope that in time that I can earn a measure of the respect that you have given me.