Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Black Republican Blacklist?

No Resignation, No Apologies Open discrimination against black Republicans

They say that perception is reality. In business, in celebrity, in politics. If the DEMS want to make headway in 06 and give us pol watchers a good fight, we hope they'll pick up the fact that the perception right now is that Black Republicans somehow are even out there...

"All four of these men have legitimate chances at making the 2006 election one of the most historic elections for blacks in the history of the United States, yet many don’t seem to care. Why you might ask? Because they’re all Republican, and the ultra-liberal civil rights establishment has their so called promotion prowess for blacks go mute for these men. Even more perplexing is the hatred that many of these men have endured from their “own people” via racial slurs and cartoon depictions that would cause a fury if any Republican even hinted at such remarks." (more here)

Not good PR for the party of inclusion, affirmative action, etc. How to fix this, that is the burning question for the 06 elections. But one thing is sure...everyone's watching.