Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Dukester's Loot

Ok, folks, your tax dollars at work...for the Dukester and all his loot. Apparently, he really did feel above the law and the rest of us. Think this is bad? Just wait till the Jackster goes to court!

"Lavish," said Jim Sudomir, a retiree from Fallbrook, summing up Cunningham's lifestyle as he looked over the display. "If he was going to be a crook he should have been a smarter one. He thought he was above all that. ... Look where he's at now. He's in jail." The inventory reveals that the contractors spared little expense to appease Cunningham's collector's tastes. There is a leather sofa. A solid cherry sleigh bed. Nearly a dozen rugs. Marble-topped nightstands, armoires and sideboards, many featuring stained glass, brass fittings and intricate carvings. (Yahoo here)