Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hottest Hollywood Assistants

Who's Sorry Now?
Didn't make the list? You knew it was going to happen...and here it is. Like "Hot or Not" this site is for D-girl (and boy) debutantes.

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PS - count on Post An Apology to bring you Snakes on the Plane news as well as the latest poll on Hottest Assitants. Hey, the politics news right now is this: DEMS loose every chance they get to get ahead; GOP lies it's way through war and money. Borrrrring. Don't get us wrong...we love the Jackster, and DeLay man. And don't forget Irving (Scooter). Rove imploding will be fun, as will Cheney's next move.

But ya gotta admit, at least the celebrity world never lets us down with their inane antics!