Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Where's Pat Robertson When You Need Him?

Who doesn't have a clue...ah, Pat Robertson. And his oddcouple involvement with Charles Taylor in the first place. Charles Taylor is a terrorist, a murderer, an embezzler...but he is (was) also sitting in Liberia on a very lucrative gold mine ..more below in
Freedom Gold. What the f*&k!

"Robertson argues that is has been US policy in Liberia for several years to bring about Taylor's downfall. ...And it breaks my heart." It is Pat Robertson's heart that might be broken by the fall of Charles Taylor, or his piggy bank? It turns out that in 1998 Robertson negotiated a business partnership with the Taylor regime giving him the rights to gold mining interests in Liberia in exchange for a 10% kick back to the Taylor government.
Come to think of it, profit, politics and piety appear to be the trinity of motives that govern Robertson's "ministry." And in exactly that order of priority."

Well, we're about to find out. Charles Taylor has gone missing. (Yahoo here) "It is the responsibility of the Nigerian government to see that he is conveyed to the special court in Sierra Leone. We expect the government of Nigeria to fulfill this commitment....
But Taylor vanished Monday night from his villa in the southern town of Calabar, the government said. A presidential spokeswoman said members of Taylor's Nigerian security detail had been arrested."

Where'd Charles go? Where's the gold? Where's the profits? And where's Pat Robertson when you need him...