Saturday, March 25, 2006

Immigration - Running Out of Issues?

So, America loves its cheap labor...and business loves its cheap labor. Is this can of worms getting opened up because the pot-stirers are running out of issues? Instead of seriously debating Iraq, Iran, abortion rights, healthcare, education...let's kick the rattlesnake that is immigration. Guys. Look at the picture. This is ALOT of people. They are not going to lay down and go, "OK - see ya". In fact, many immigrants believe the white Europeans should "go home". What do you say to that?

It's not just lawnmowers, cleaning, and picking fruit. Have you driven by any construction site in the US lately? America is being rebuilt by immigrant workers. Get a clue. They do the work YOUR (SPOILED AND STILL-LIVING-AT-HOME) TEENAGERS AND YOUNG ADULT CHILDREN DON'T WANT!!!!!

And, guess what (uppity) Sean Hannity....this is not about security! The ports under Dubai management is about security (and BTW, they're going to run other US ports, so whatever). We even agree with GWB AND Michael Savage (now there's two ends of the spectrum!) on this one that allow for some type if guest worker program and then get legal.
C'mon. Everybody's gonna get pissed. At each other. Somebody's gonna be sorry. We'll keep you posted.

Yahoo here, WaPo (Photo AP)
LOS ANGELES - Tens of thousands of immigrant rights advocates from across Southern California marched Saturday in protest of federal legislation that would build more walls along the U.S.-Mexico border and make helping illegal immigrants a crime. The march followed rallies on Friday that drew throngs of protesters to major cities around the nation. On Saturday, demonstrators streamed into downtown Los Angeles for what was expected to be one of the city's largest pro-immigrant rallies.