Friday, March 24, 2006

Snakes On A Plane

Well, we had to have our Snakes On A Plane post ...and here it is! You know that it is the new Samuel L. Jackson movie that already is a cult classic and hasn't been released yet? And what the f^%k does that mean? That's one of the fun things going on...people are submitting definitions for what Snakes On A Plane. Some say it means "S*^T HAPPENS."

And this just in: "According to The Hollywood Reporter, the fan-based underground support for Snakes on a Plane has become so great that the filmmakers are now doing a reshoot to include more action sequences... as well as calling Samuel L. Jackson back in so he can actually say in the movie “snakes on a motherfucking plane.”This could very well end up the greatest movie ever made by anyone, ever." (more here)

There are also unofficial trailers being made and all over the Internet. (buzznet here) and tags all over Technorati (here)