Friday, March 24, 2006

Murder Supoena For Wannabe Gangsta Jack Abramoff

Who's Sorry Now?

If you took money from Wannabe Gangsta Jack Abramoff - WATCH OUT. He is going to rat you out to save his skin in the SunCruz murder charges he will be indicted on. And if he doesn't rat you out, Adam Kidan will.

That money you took will prove to be very expensive indeed. The stakes are so high that our DC insider says "people are literally quaking in their boots and don't be too surprised if there is an accidental death or two before this is all finished". Sounds crazy, but very very true.

In fact, the news stories are few and far between because of the lethal nature of the case. Kinda like the recent report from the State Department that says Iraq is WORSE than the MSM is reporting and coverage is being sugarcoated. But that's another post. (report here)

We said back in January when JA pled guilty of the lobbying charges, that this was just the beginning of a very seedy, slimy fall from grace.

We believed he was somehow involved in the murder case of Gus Boulis (SunCruz Ships) and THAT is why he pled guilty....not because of the pressure on the lobbying charges alone.

Even though they deny this right now, we believe the Feds are going to cut him a deal on the murder beef in exchange for ratting out the politicians from both sides of the aisle who happily took his money. "The attorney for murder suspect Anthony "Big Tony" Moscatiello filed paperwork this week asking to question Abramoff and Long Island businessman Adam Kidan about the SunCruz Casino founder's gangland-style slaying. Broward Circuit Judge Michael Kaplan granted the request Thursday after prosecutors agreed to it." (more here)

We're looking forward to Matthew Continettis' book due out soon on Abramoff. In the meantime, if you haven't done so yet, read his article Money, Mobsters, and Murder (here). It's quite a good read. Matthew writes for the Weekly Standard, so you'll know it's pretty partisan axe to grind here.