Monday, March 27, 2006

Update to AZ Mayor's Apology (Or Not)

Looks like this is the way it's going to go...tit for the immigration rattlesnake is provoked. This from AZCentral to the Phoenix Mayor, Phil Gordon:

Don't You Dare Apologize, mayor

"Oh please. I'm all for human rights but a lot people had their human rights trampled on Friday. The right not to have your business blockaded for most of the day. The right not to have an entire section of the city shut down. The right not to be stranded by a protest that should absolutely be allowed but properly planned for.

I've long said we're going after the wrong people when we go after people who sneak across the border in order to support their families. I've long said we should be going after the employers who lure them here in order to boost their own bottom line with cheap labor. I've long believed we need to fix the standing joke that is our immigration policy so that it's fair to people on both sides of the border."