Wednesday, April 5, 2006

3 not 2 Guilty in Disgraced Delay's Staff?

Who's Sorry Now?

How about DeLay's he totally outs a "3rd Aide". So, there's 1. Scanlon, 2. Rudy, and now a mysterious third aide. Hmmmm......who could it be? This was uncovered in Roll Call today and just came to our attention.

"Roll Call Paul Kane makes a hell of a catch in his piece today in Roll Call. Careful reading of the Time Interview reveals this: (hat tip RawStory)"

TIME: Were there any instances where you failed to adequately supervise people who worked in your office?

DeLay: No, no. Look: I have had hundreds of people work for me. Unfortunately, there's three—one that we let go, Scanlon—that I don't yet, I'll wait until they're found guilty. But it looks like they have violated the trust of my office.