Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Duke Rape Case E-mail Shocker

Sadly, dude doesn't have a clue.

This is so not funny or worthy of commentary. TSG does great work, once again.

Read it and weep, literally, for the downgrading of us all:

"After alleged assault, player wrote of killing, skinning strippers

APRIL 5--Shortly after an exotic dancer claimed she was raped at a Duke University lacrosse team party, a member of the squad sent an e-mail announcing that the following night he planned "to have some strippers over" and would be "killing the bitches" as soon as they walked into his dorm room. Disclosure of the e-mail came today with the unsealing of a March 27 search warrant for the residence of Ryan McFadyen, a sophomore lacrosse player. McFadyen is pictured at right in his team headshot."