Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Sleeping with the Fishes In Florida

Who's Sorry Now? Let us count the ways...
-The man who was offed
-The people who did it (cuz now they will hopefully be identified and arrested)
-The people in this boat who found him
-Any one of a number of Federal and Congressional persons and their aides who are fearful of a similar fate (Irving, DeLay, Abramoff, Scanlon, Rudy, et al)
-All Americans who care about security because of the lagging response time from the Coast Guard (and hey, arent' they part of DHS - who seems to have trouble policing their own child predators!)
Tampa Bay FL Visitors pull body in chains from bay "...The case seems to be more than a simple drowning. The body's hands and legs were tied together with metal shackles, Favors and Castile said. He was wearing shorts, and Favors said she could see the hair on the man's legs."