Saturday, April 8, 2006

Adidas Yellow Series - Racist?

Who's Sorry Now?

Hmmmm..... Marketing is going through an enormous transition lately as marketers try to reach ever-increasing niche markets. Not sure this is the way to go....maybe Adidas needs to get a clue!

Adidas has a new line of sneakers called the Yellow Series (What Tian has Learned). The designer is Barry McGee aka Twist has been a well known name in the graff scene for a long time and now is more known as a fine artist.

(SJMN)The image is even more shocking, most say, because it came from Adidas, a global shoe maker based in Germany. ``I thought America had moved past that image of Asian people with slanted eyes and buck teeth, especially after the Abercrombie and Fitch controversy,'' said Wyman Jung, a 30-year-old Chinese-American in Berkeley. While a few critics call for boycotting Adidas, most want an apology. Meanwhile, Asian-American groups say the incident is a wake-up call.