Saturday, April 8, 2006

Portland Police Chief Is Sorry

Who's Apologizing Now?

Police chief issues apology to officers over distraction
- Accused of sexual and other improprieties, Derrick Foxworth takes a day off

Question: What is the deal with the sex troubles in this country lately? Do you have any theories - let Post An Apology know - email

"Portland Police Chief Derrick Foxworth took an unplanned vacation day Friday but apologized in a memo to officers that his personal relationship with a desk clerk six years ago has overshadowed their hard work. In the memo, Foxworth said the week's events had been "emotional and difficult," but he thanked his officers for their daily work. "I want to apologize to you that my personal actions six years ago has now caused me to be the focus of attention rather than the good work you do each and every day," Foxworth wrote. The five-paragraph memo was read at roll calls Thursday night and Friday morning, and posted in each precinct. "