Sunday, April 16, 2006

Berlusconi Apologize? Nah

Who's Not Apologizing?

Premier Silvio Berlusconi, that's who. "He must acknowledge how things went, and, I believe, apologize as well after what he said about fraud," Prodi told reporters Saturday in Bologna, where he lives.Berlusconi alleged election fraud shortly after the vote but quickly backed away from his comments." Not gonna happen, at least not yet." We're not apologizing for posting a naked pic of Silvio, btw. He's had enough "work" done (plastic surgery, etc) that he's probably happy to show off.

Post An Apology wonders two things about this election: 1) Berlusconi was favorable to the Bush Administration on Iraq...Prodi's not...does it matter, especially in light of Iran's sabre rattling getting really bonkers; 2) Does it seem to you like EVERY election around the world hangs on a few votes in the middle? What does that mean? That most of the world's population is somewhere in the middle? That voter fraud is something we need to get used to? Hmmmmm.