Friday, April 7, 2006

If this is Homeland Security, I think we ought to be a little afraid

Who SHOULD BE apologizing?

How about the idiots at DHS...who, BTW, had one of their own arrested this week for soliciting kiddie porn. What kind of screening does the department conduct to allow something like this to slip through?

Anyway, here's yet another example of ineptitude, rudeness, etc. by the folks who are supposed to be protecting us. Hah! Question...they say they pulled over to "look at a map". What, they don't have GPS?

Story here:
"Leander Pickett, a teacher's assistant at Englewood Elementary, said he was manhandled and handcuffed by two plain clothed Homeland Security officers in front of the school Tuesday for no reason at all. "I would like to treat people the way I would want to be treated, and yesterday I wasn't treated that way," Pickett said. Pickett has been working at Englewood for two years, and his principal and colleagues told Channel 4 they have never met a harder worker or nicer guy. "He's well loved by everyone because he's willing to do anything to help children," said the Englewood Elementary Principal Gail Brinson."