Thursday, April 6, 2006

Overheard In NY

Do you totally love this blog? It is endlessly entertaining. Not as good as cuteoverload for a breather from the heavy universe we're in these days, but pretty darn close.

Well Met on Opening Day

Guy on cell: Hey, what's up?...I'm at the Met game...The Mets are up 2 to 1, but Washington has 2 men on and nobody out...Two-one. No outs.
Guy #2: There's one out.
Guy on cell: Oh, sorry. One out. We've been here since 8 and I've been drinking since 8:30. I'm wasted...Listen, Ma, I gotta go, I'm missing the game.

He hangs up.

Guy #1: My mother calls to get the score. Turn on the radio!

--Shea Stadium