Thursday, April 6, 2006

Rats on a Plane

YUCKKKKKKK! OMG! We knew flying today is hard and both TSA and the airlines do everything possible to ensure you're travelling time will be filled with meaningless hassles, no food, no love, no good. But this takes the cake - or snake - especially after we posted earlier about Snakes on the Plane. Check it out:

"Had to go for that headline with this image, but hear me out. So I’m taking the American Airlines redeye from Los Angeles to New York last night, and fortunately had both a good book and an empty adjacent seat. So I’m all stretched out luxuriously – not like the NYC-LA flight, where not only was I crammed against my neighbor, but an extremely tall guy behind me kept extending his freak-legs all the way under my seat and kicking my feet. It’s pretty quiet, most people are asleep, and the cabin is almost all dark. Just as we’re getting ready to descend to JFK, I feel a few taps on my leg. I adjust, remember the tall guy, and assume it’s the restless young lady behind me (though she hadn’t seemed that tall). Then a few more taps and an odd pulling. Something ain’t right. I lean over, and there’s a f@$king rat crawling up my leg."