Saturday, August 26, 2006

Entourage Disses Bob Evans

What about Bob, you ask? Bob's pissed.

We post the Entourage Decoder from every Monday cuz its fun (and pretty darned real, if you live in this town and "are in the know").

Martin Landau has been doing a marvelous job playing an aging movie deal maker with a few tricks still up his sleeve....but it hasn't been the most favorable depiction of said aging movie deal maker. (We love it when he said, "I'll have Sanka, please" when asked at a high level meeting with a mogul).

An HBO rep said yesterday, "Bob Ryan was not based on Robert Evans." (obligatory denial).

Anyway, Robert (What about Bob) Evans is fuming mad! Why? Because everyone who "knows" knows it IS a parody of Bob Evans. Duh. Defamer here:

Could HBO's Hollywood-skewering hit "Entourage" be getting its first lawsuit from a target? [...]

When the episodes aired these past two weeks, the "Kid Stays in the Picture" writer was angry to discover that they'd made his character into a bumbling, addled mockery of himself.

"They named the character 'Bob' and made him an old, loopy producer," said a source. And the final insult is, "They even used Evans' own house in the show!" [...]