Tuesday, January 16, 2007

American Airlines Apologizes

Who's Sorry Now?

The passengers on this most miserable AA flight to Dallas-Ft. Worth. Notice the decline in customer service and customer care....it's like a drip, drip, drip as consumers slowly lower their expectations about what vendors will provide to make them happy. Hey, I sat on a plane for 9 hours and all I got was this lousy APOLOGY.

NBCi What was supposed to be a 3.5-hour flight from San Francisco stopped in Austin to wait for the weather to clear, and passengers were stuck grounded on the plane for 9 hours.Some of the 138 passengers on board said water ran out, toilets overflowed, and there were only pretzels to eat."The stewardesses desperately tried to keep the tempers and the temperament of the passengers down,” passenger Kati Hanni said.Passengers said the ordeal ended only after the pilot taxied to a gate without permission.American officials admit something went wrong in Austin, and said it is reviewing what happened and will apologize to affected passengers.