Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Surge or Purge?

Who's purging now?
WRH A number of articles have appeared in the last few days which indicate that Bush’s "purge" is already underway. Jon Swain of the Times-online provides a chilling description of the military onslaught being carried out in the Haifa neighborhood just a few hundred yards outside the Green Zone.

Swain’s account proves that Bush’s real intention is not security but terrorizing the civilian population into submission. It's a textbook example of military pacification. As one 55 year old resident of Haifa queried, "Is this the new paradise the Americans said they would give us when they invaded our country?" Then he added, "When is this nightmare going to end"?
PS - for all those who say "Bush has created a mess - doesn't know what he's doing" WRONG. He's right on target. Create the appearance of a mess while you take the spoils of war (read OIL).