Monday, January 15, 2007

Boxer to Condi, KSFO to all - 2 looming apologies

Who's not, or sort of not, apologizing now?

1. Doesn't look like Senator Barbara Boxer is going to apologize to Condi for her "childless" remarks, whatever...but we're intrigued with the Radar piece that implies that gay Republican blogger Andrew Sullivan may have OUTED Condi on his blog with this:

Andrew Sullivan Eager to Pick Rice for His Team
Is apologetic gay conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan outing Condoleezza Rice? A post by the digital commentator currently ranked 76th in the world on Technorati seems to do just that. Under the headline "Vile," Sullivan writes: "That's the only word to describe Senator Boxer's ad feminam attack on Condi Rice yesterday. There was a trace of homophobia to the smear as well."

2. KSFO/SPOCKO/Melanie Morgan - what is with these idiots? First off, everyone calm down. All talkers are wannabe entertainers. Some are pretty good at it, most are not. Sure, they have a POV, but that's not the point. They're paid to agitate and spout their nonesense (on both sides, btw) and you're buying their crap.

Listen to their show from last Friday when they replay all their disgusting hater talk - which, news flash! - is NOT entertaining. So...this crazy story rages on. Here's a good wrap up of the details in today's NYT. Post An Apology is interested because of the looming apologies:

Most of the callers were sympathetic during Friday’s broadcast, but one blogger who has supported Spocko’s cause, Mike Stark, was encouraged to call in. The extended dialogue perhaps can best be summarized by one exchange.

Mr. Stark: “You’ve spoken of the number of apologies you have tried to make. How many apologies does a professional get before they realize they are an incompetent and move on to another line of work?”

KSFO’s Lee Rodgers: “Well I haven’t apologized for anything and I am not going to start with you. How the hell do you like that, creep?”