Sunday, January 14, 2007

Conservative Mag: Failure in Iraq will NOT mean failure in war on terror

Who's finally talking sense now?

Mark N. Katz, from VERY conservative World Peace Herald,
is hopefully debunking the radical right neoconartist view with some very thoughtful writing. People are saying that "failure in Iraq means the US loses the War on Terror". Not true, as you'll see. Please click on the link and read the whole article:

WPH...Thus, America's "failure" in Vietnam and elsewhere in the Third World did not prevent it from prevailing in the Cold War. Indeed, the two events were related: The American withdrawal from Vietnam served to encourage the Soviet Union and its allies to overextend themselves in the Third World, and this in turn contributed to the collapse of communism. At the time, of course, nobody foresaw this. Yet this is what occurred.

What this suggests is that an American "failure" in Iraq will indeed lead to negative consequences. It would, as President Bush predicted, put radical Islamic forces "in a better position to topple moderate governments." They would certainly try to do this.