Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Grand Delusion - Robert Kagan and John Bolton

Who's totally delusional now?

Not the politicians, as Robert Kagan, Neocon Poobah, would have us believe from his op-ed piece in the WaPo yesterday. Nope, this war monger is happy to stoke the guilt flames of the politicians dumb enough to listen to him, or care about what he writes about. Remember, folks, here's the ARCHITECT of the Project for the New American Century - the flawed blueprint that got us in the mess in the middle east to begin with.

Robert Kagan is delusional. He's delusional about what war really means, and who and what America really is. He claims he's not a Straussian, but we don't agree. He lives in Belgium and ha spent a lifetime furthering the Straussian cause....he is a very dangerous man.

At least "bull in the china shop" John Bolton tells it like it is...."The US has no strategic interest in a united Iraq." No, because we're only there for the oil, oil, oil, stupid, stupid, stupid. "The United States has no strategic interest in the fact that there be one Iraq or three Iraqs," the newspaper quoted Bolton as saying. "We have a strategic interest in ensuring that what emerges is not a completely failed state that becomes a refuge for terrorists, or a terrorist state," he said.