Monday, January 8, 2007

Malibu is burning

4, 8, 10? Mansions so far in Malibu. -AP A wildfire fanned by Santa Ana winds destroyed four seaside mansions and damaged at least two others as it spread over more than 20 acres in this celebrity enclave Monday, authorities said. ..

TV news helicopters broadcast scenes of a large area of flame blowing down seaside slopes toward shoreline homes, with lines of flashing lights from emergency vehicles. Winds appeared to be blowing the fire toward the ocean rather than up into steep, brushy coastal canyons.

"Unfortunately, the homes in that area are very close together," said City Council member Pamela Conley Ulich, who stopped at the Michael Landon Community Center, in a state park near the fire, when she spotted the flames. "We're praying that this is going to pass. It's a catastrophe right now."