Monday, January 8, 2007

Wingnut Bloggers

Get a clue. The idiot wingnuts are finally getting their due...their shreiking is hopefully almost over (not). Hey, somebody's gonna get hurt for reals if these idiots don't tone it down. Everybody's at fault just a little in this one....

USA Today:

After Iraqi officials confirmed Hussein's identity Thursday, Carroll told the trade publication Editor & Publisher, "I never quite understood why people chose to disbelieve us about this particular man on this particular story."

But experts say it's simple: Bloggers and mainstream media outlets have a mutual distrust for each other. And in this case, they say, both made inevitable mistakes that are bound to happen as new media and old struggle to carve out turf in the new information age.

The AP's strident defense shows that when mainstream media are attacked, "they are still their own worst enemy: They call for openness, but they can't seem to practice what they preach," says Robert Lichter of the Center for Media and Public Affairs.


Pajamas Media is a $3.5 million embarrassment that was launched in 2005 by right-wing bloggers Roger Simon and Charles Johnson (of Little Green Footballs). It was supposed to be some sort of "credible" right-wing media outlet, an alternative to the dreaded "MSM." Yet they have done nothing of even minor note since their inception (until now). As a result, news accounts from real media outlets — like the one today from Associated Press — refer to reports from Pajamas Media as mere "Internet rumors."