Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Rosie, Trump, and Babs

Who's playing the viewing public for ratings now?

That would be all three of these losers. Ok, Rosie IS a big fat slob (and nobody is obsessed with her) , Trump is a lecherous old white guy who'd "date his daughter" (and would probablly love to stick it to Tara Conner), and Babs, well, she's in a pre-geriatric world of denial all by herself.

"Babs, your a fu*king liar",
Trump's pathetic letter, the call in to Larry King, ...WHO CARES? NO ONE!!! All three of them can't get ratings and, so, like the class acts they are...resort to name calling.

BTW, looks like it's so popular, Geraldo and Olberman are going at it too! Geraldo just lost his gig and Olberman is trying to beat BillO (who will be played by George Clooney - what a whackity world).