Monday, January 8, 2007

YouTube Campaigning in '08

Who's sorry now?

Any candidate who hasn't gotten the message that it's a YouTube world is an idiot and deserves to be outed on YouTube ala George Allen and Macaca.

And savvy campaigners will USE the YouTube opportunities to further their campaigns, raise awareness, raise money, etc. Savvy voters will see through the STAGED-SPONTANEOUS moments and not be fooled. We predict the media/blog/voter/candidate/consultant/pundit mix will be what's fun to watch in '08. Who's going to be the first to mess up?

WaPo John Edwards is ridiculing his political consultants.

"You know, they gave me a really great memo," he says, waving the document, which advises him to highlight the importance of public education when addressing teachers. "I pay a lot of money for people who have the expertise to tell me this."

An unscripted moment caught on a cellphone camera? Not exactly. The video of the presidential candidate chatting on his plane is on Edwards's Web site. The former senator seems unusually frank about the absurdities of political life -- or is this just carefully choreographed candor, packaged for the YouTube age?