Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bank Robber gets caught wearing 1980s Members Only Jacket

Who's going back to prison now? Ex Con Paul Paris....You'll get a chuckle out of this one....This ex-con must be kicking himself for not getting a new wardrobe when he was released from his last prison stay.....

SFG A convicted bank robber went on a crime spree just a week after being released from federal custody and was caught in part because he never changed out of the 1980s-style clothes - including a Members Only jacket -- he was wearing when he was released from prison, San Francisco police said today.

Paul Paris, 54, was released from a halfway house Feb. 2 and proceeded to rob a Citibank branch at 4638 Mission St. on Feb. 9, said robbery Inspector Dan Gardner. The robber was caught on a surveillance camera wearing a Members Only jacket and a hairnet, Gardner said -- the same clothes Paris had on when his probation officer photographed him the day he was released from prison.

"It's classic -- I've used this line before, but once a bank robber, always a bank robber," Gardner said. "We had a great surveillance photo."