Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Britney leaves rehab again

Britney's wearing everyone out. Enough already. Ok, maybe she's mad at her record company because they didn't like her new single....and she's showing them what-for. But, girl, you're letting KFed look better than you right now.

Either she REALLY needs help, or this is all calculated for something only she knows what...

FNC Britney Spears left rehab on Wednesday after spending only one day there, according to reports, just a week after she spent the same amount of time at a different facility.

The television news magazine "The Insider" initially reported that Spears called a car service, walked out of the Promises Residential Treatment Centers in Malibu, Calif., and left the facility early Wednesday morning — far short of the usual 45-day stay. Later, the TV show "Extra" and the Web site said Spears, 25, had left the center.

The troubled pop star and mother of two tried to get into a tattoo parlor before going home, but it was closed, "Extra" reported.