Tuesday, February 13, 2007

CNN's Ed Henry singlehandedly stops the invasion of Iran

Not really. But it sure is good to see a reporter pushing back. Ed Henry, well, we sure didn't have him pegged for this, but, hey, wartime brings out unusual heros.

Bottom line, the neoConArtists and the GOP last-gaspers are trying their damnedest to scare Americans into war with Iran. NOT. Here's Ed Henry taking Tony Snowjob on regarding what GENERAL PACE said....Psst, Tony, the days of twisting words around is so over....

The following video contains clips from CNN and AP.


Phillips: Tony Snow was saying that the Quds are behind this, because there's three parts to the Iranian government: the president, the radicals, the Qods, and the Clergy, which is the Ayatollah. So he's saying it's that part of the Iranian government that he believes is behind these weapons?

Henry: He's saying that directly. One of the questions that's out there is these briefers over the weekend in Baghdad, these US Military officials were saying that it went to the highest level of the Iranian government. There's some question about exactly what that means. Are they on the same page there as well? Does this really go to the highest levels of Iranian government or not.