Saturday, February 3, 2007

Consumerist wants Lycos Manager to Apologize

Who SHOULD BE apologizing now?

As The APOLOGY EXPERTS, Post An Apology agrees with The Consumerist. Being a jerk to a customer is NOT OK. Lycos empolyee Mike Jandreau needs to apologize to Whitney.


As a retaliation for enforcing company policies, one of our users, has been slandering me across various message boards and blogs. Now, I find that an unauthorized photograph of myself is posted on "", violating my personal privacy. blah blah blah


Dear Mike,

We're sorry, no one here has any intentions of helping you with anything. We are the manager of all of Customer Service. There is no one higher than us that you will speak with.

You violated our policy, which is, despite what you say, to not be a jerk to your customers.Your image will be held hostage. After you apologize to Whitney and restore her emails, your image will be deleted.

P.S. The picture was gleaned from your site, MovieSnobs. You may want to cc your letter to Google Images as well. — BEN POPKEN