Saturday, February 3, 2007

They're still having mayoral sex in LA

Who's not seperated now?

(And we're guess still having sex). That would be the Mayor and Mrs. Antonio Villaraigosa.

Both of California's biggest city Democratic Mayors are VERY good looking men who look like they would be fun to have sex with. SF's Gavin Newsom had an affair with a coworker and another man's wife and has apologized for it. Antonio had an affair awhile back (while his wife had cancer!) but is currently still "living in the same house" with the Missus.

All we want to know is are they still having mayoral sex?

LAO Apparently responding to blogger Luke Ford's allegation that the Villaraigosas had split up, the mayor told the Times last night that the entire family — himself, Corina and the two teenage children — is living at Getty House. "Absolutely not true," Villaraigosa said of the gossip. "We are not separated." He did admit to strains, but called them "ups and downs." The couple had broken up once, before he ran for mayor the first time, over his affair that coincided with Corina undergoing cancer treatment. Just who Villaraigosa spoke with last night is strangely murky. The Times attributed the comments to "an interview Thursday evening at Getty House," but the short story carries no byline. Corina was not at home at the time, the paper said. Luke has revised his post substantially since putting it up on Monday.