Monday, February 19, 2007

End of killers for hire in Iraq?

Who's sorry now?

The contract killers in Iraq we posted about month ago here: License to Kill. Here's an article on Iraqslogger worth reading about the beginning of the end for these mercs:

IS Currently there is no clear estimate of how many security contractors are in Iraq. The numbers range from 70,000 from the PSCAI to the IPOA's conservative estimate of 5,000 maximum. Non security contractors hover around 100,000 to 60,000 depending on the source of the estimate. Currently Aegis estimates they have 1000 contractors in country of which two thirds are expats, the rest are Iraqi's....Slogger is getting reports that the new round of RFP's for major security and training contracts in Iraq have a new wrinkle: Complete handover to Iraqis at end of contract.

One of the major bids that have contracting companies locked away working on bids is the largest single security contract currently run by Aegis.