Sunday, February 4, 2007

Lessons from the Mob - Dispose of the Weak

A waste management strategy. Hmmmmmm, might work in Washington DC, ya think?

AM One bad apple spoils the bunch, and in the same way, a lazy, no-good, do-nothing weakling can disrupt the normal flow of business. Just like an overachiever can motivate the average Joes to work harder, a lazy bag of bones is contagious. Guys see one babbo slacking off and they say, "If he can sit on his ass, why can’t I?"

That's why a good organization needs an integrated cycle of what I call "waste management." These deadbeats must be culled. Producers need encouragement, while feeders need ejection. Of course, like so many other issues involving people, this waste disposal requires a bit of strategy, mostly to keep yourself from looking like the villain. Since the whiners of the world will never be as motivated as you are, this is an easy win. You want the slob to fall on his own sword, not yours, and take himself out of the game. Anything can be justified if you are always on the offensive, and the wastrel won’t be able to keep up.