Sunday, February 4, 2007

Soldiers: troop surge as a lost cause

Who's sorry now?

Pretty much everyone involved in this stinker. First off, we got the bait and switch on the's going to be MUCH BIGGER than we were told. Second, what ever happened to "listening to the generals and the troops"? Oh, right, that's only if they say what GWB wants to hear.

MN Almost every foot soldier interviewed during a week of patrols on the streets and alleys of east Baghdad said that Bush's plan would halt the bloodshed only temporarily. The soldiers cited a variety of reasons, including incompetence or corruption among Iraqi troops, the complexities of Iraq's sectarian violence and the lack of Iraqi public support, a cornerstone of counterinsurgency warfare.

Who's NOT sorry now?
Pretty much everyone involved in this "enterprise" (except the fighting forces and the civilians).

We are on record as reminding all of our readers that we think GWB and his neo-conartist cronies think everything's going as planned. There will be enough troops in Iraq to: 1) finish building the mega bases; 2) guard the oil reserves; 3) be in position to attack Iran. Also, the region is thrown into chaos, which is what the Likud party and the neo-conartists want....this enables their agenda to move forward as planned. Those rats.