Sunday, February 4, 2007

Condi to become the next Big Dick

Who's the next Big Dick? We've been saying the next VP is Condi.

That's because Big Dick Cheney is in meltdown mode.

In addition to being the biggest Neo-Conartist of them all and on the take with Halliburton, he shoots his friend in the face and our Texas insiders told us at the time that everyone, including Big Dick, was totally smashed on Scotch that day. (And then Dick didn't even apologize. Not very Vice Presidential.)

Lately, he's in the news because his lesbo daughter is having a lesbo baby. We love lesbos, but Big Dick is where he is today on the backs of millions of Americans who HATE lesbos. What up, Big Dick? Oh, and he's married to one true witch...Lynne Cheney is a biatch of the highest order - pure greed and power dressed up as smarmy Americanism. Wouldn't want to be a fly on the wall in their bedroom!

Well, now, according to Frank Rich, NYT, he's in total meltdown mode over the Libby trial. Yeah, right, because he totally outed Valerie Plame and he know it. Well, hooray! On the compassionate side, let's hope he gets the mental health help he desparately needs.

RS Cheney, in other words, understands the danger this trial poses to the White House even as some of Washington remains oblivious. From the start, the capital has belittled the Joseph and Valerie Wilson affair as "a tempest in a teapot," as David Broder of The Washington Post reiterated just five months ago....