Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Snickers, guys in lip locks, and Prince's penis dance

Who's sorry now?

Are we witnessing the "wardrobe malfunctions" of 2007? In the Snickers commercial, two guys lock lips and it looks like their kissing (woo - hoo!). WaPo Los Angeles ad woman Claudia Caplan said yesterday that gay groups may be overreacting to the Snickers ad: "My take on it is, why is it homophobic for two heterosexual men to kiss by mistake? If a homosexual man kissed a heterosexual woman by mistake, would that be considered hetero-phobic?".

And then there's Prince and his curly cue penis dance. What's that about? Do you think Prince suffers from Napoleon complex? He's a shrimp - do you think that means his penis is shrimpy and he needed to do this to make himself feel macho? Or is this Prince's F*ck you to "established" media...afterall, he's been quite the rebel over the years and pretty angry over how he was "treated" in the past.